mentumm accelerator FAQs

Why is it called mentumm accelerator?

Simple. Because our mentumm accelerator method is based on mastering the 10 key areas of running a business. Any business.

What do I really get for my monthly fee?

A great deal of value. You’ll plug into a powerful growth engine that accelerates your business expansion. You’ll become part of a trusted community of ambitious, successful, like-minded entrepreneurs. You’ll have access to over 500 ondemand business lessons, as well as live weekly workshops, plus your own Board of Advisors.

Who are the subject-matter experts?

They are fellow entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. They’re people who are great in one or more of the 10 key areas of running and growing a business.

How do mentumm accelerator members interact?

Members have access to our exclusive, members-only mentumm accelerator Facebook Community. Ask a question.  Seek advice.  Get input on an important decision.  Our mentumm accelerator community genuinely likes to connect (with) and help other members.  Collaboration is the key.

Is the mentumm accelerator community industry-specific?

No.  We are industry diverse.  We’ve learned that understanding how other businesses solve problems and grow is crucial to our own growth and success. Our platform provides members with intelligent, common sense best practices that can be applied directly to their businesses.

How do I consume the mentumm accelerator content?

All the valuable mentumm accelerator business information you need is available on all your devices…. via video, audio or text. You can stream the sessions whenever, wherever and however you wish.

Which mentumm accelerator sessions are live?

There is at least one live, interactive workshop each week, which is included in your membership. If you aren’t available to join each live session, you can easily access a recording on-demand inside our platform!

What if I’m not satisfied with mentumm accelerator?

It rarely happens, but if you’re not satisfied with your mentumm accelerator membership for any reason, you can cancel at any time, with no strings attached. We want you to want to be part of our community.

Have a question we didn’t cover?

Head over to the contact page and reach out. Ask us anything. You’ll get a straight answer.